Company chronicle: CLEMENS from 1982 – 2001

CLEMENS RADIUS development 1982-2001

Company chronicle: CLEMENS from 1982 – 2001

„Together for 70 years into the future”

Today we invite you to look back with us on the years 1982 – 2001 of our 70 years of company history.

In the early years, CLEMENS went through many ups and downs. In the 30th year of the company’s history, the company experienced its first crisis due to the bankruptcy of VECTUR FRANCE, for which CLEMENS distributed grape harvesters.

The development of RADIUS provided a quick boost. Not only was it well received in Germany, but it was also widely used in France, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and occasionally in Yugoslavia and the Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1991, thanks to the commitment of a total of 180 employees, the 10,000th RADIUS could be produced.

With the development of the first leaf remover, our current foliage processing program originated in 1994.

In 1996, the first generational change in management took place. From then on, Bernd and Thomas Clemens took over the management of the family business. With the foundation of his own branch in Woodland (California) in 1998, Thomas Clemens boosted the sales of CLEMENS Vineyard Equipment in the USA and secured a market share of more than 70%.

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