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Made in Germany

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Mechanical soil cultivation, seedbed preparation and optimum levelling of the ground. Perfect surface for subsequent maintenance work without soil compaction due to vertically rotating blades. The tines are mounted in three bearings and are driven by a robust spur gear running in fluid grease. The shaft units are self-lubricating. A spindle-adjustable levelling bar is available as an option.

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Levelling bar

Optional spindle-adjustable levelling bar for a particularly even ground surface.

Pre-cutting tool

Two chisel shares or wing shares can be mounted to facilitate penetration into the soil.

Seed drill pneumatic

The pneumatic seed drill offers many advantages. The electrically controlled seed shaft transports the seed from the container into the air channel

Seed drill mechanical

Unproblematic mounting and simple application. Suitable for rotary harrows, cultivators, meadow plane and other tillage implements

ModelWeight with cage rollerWeight with Packer rollerTotal widthWorking widthTine units
VITIS 100about 1220 lbsabout 1356 lbsabout 40.2 inabout 31.7 in3
VITIS 125about 1363 lbsabout 1433 lbsabout 49.4 inabout 45.3 in5
VITIS 140about 1495 lbsabout 1588 lbsabout 56.1 inabout 53.9 in6
VITIS 170about 1616 lbsabout 1720 lbsabout 66.7 inabout 62.6 in7
VITIS 190about 1738 lbsabout 1830 lbsabout 75.4 inabout 71.3 in8
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