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Mounting options

Mounting option
Mounting option

The HEXAGON, made of solid hexagonal profiles, is used to hold tools for flat or deep soil loosening and offers the option of connecting a following machine driven by a PTO shaft. On the other hand, it is also possible to use the frame as a pure equipment carrier for undervine care or to set up a seed drill and fertiliser spreader. Three different sizes are available.

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Disc harrows

Disc harrows

The hydraulically adjustable units are ideal for working in all types of green cover.

Bison tines

Bison tines

Breaking up the tractor or harvester tracks. The curved shares lift the soil up to a depth of 16 inches.

Deep fertilizing

Deep fertilizing

Due to the direct deposition of fertilizer in the root area, the nutrients are immediately available for the plants even during longer dry periods.

Pump-Tank-Unit Tool carriers


Additional hydraulic supply, which is mounted directly on the frame. Hydraulically operated work tools can thus be used without loading the hydraulic system of your tractor.

Mechanical extensions

Mechanical extension

An additional lateral extension of 8 inches or 16 inches per side is mechanically mounted to the frame.

Column lifter S5

The 1- or 2-sided installation of the column lifter in the area between the axles allows you to simultaneously work on the undervine area

Lifter S2 with 3 point linkage

Front three-point lift – the compact solution for holding various equipment such as the CLEMENS BIO Mulch Roller ECO-ROLL

COMPACT lifter

The double-sided operation of machines for undervine care is usually unproblematic. Although sometimes it is not required to work both sides

Seed drill pneumatic

The pneumatic seed drill offers many advantages. The electrically controlled seed shaft transports the seed from the container into the air channel

Seed drill mechanical

Unproblematic mounting and simple application. Suitable for rotary harrows, cultivators, meadow plane and other tillage implements


The BIO mulch roller ECO-ROLL is the alternative to mulching. The roller can be entrained without any problems during any operation

GSP Disc

Here you find inexpensive support to your fight for a weed-free and well loosened undervine area. The weed regulation is simply done

Finger roller

Does everything always have to be hydraulic? No, the easily adjustable finger roller can also provide efficient weed control


With the MULTICLEAN mulching brush you can remove the shoots and at the same time control weeds in the undervine area without interfering


The RADIUS SL PLUS offers all the advantages of the RADIUS SL and even more. In addition to the blade share, driven additional implements

Finger hoe

The finger hoe gently removes soil and weeds directly around the vine and is ideal for young plants or plantations with very crooked vines


The RADIUS fears nothing. Due to the wide range of mounting options and a variety of accessories, the blade weeder

Hydraulic requirement:1x double-acting1x double-acting1x double-acting
Weight without tools:about 419 lbsabout 639 lbsabout 474 lbs
Frame adjustment without tools:30.8 – 46.5 in48.9 – 82.8 in36.3 – 57.6 in
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