Finger hoe

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Made in Germany

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Worldwide dealer network

Finger hoe

Fruit growing
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  • For young plants
  • Combinable
  • Safe

Mounting options

Mounting option
Mounting option
Mounting option
Mounting option

The finger hoe gently removes soil and weeds directly around the vine and is ideal for young plants or plantations with very crooked vines. Thus a clean result can be achieved even if the sensor rod of the RADIUS SL or the RADIUS SL PLUS device is set to the foremost and thus safest position and thereby an island (also called shadow) forms around the vine.

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CLEMENS - Finger hoe 370

Ø 14.6 in (370 mm)

The size 14.6 in (370 mm) is available in green/hard (colour/stiffness).

CLEMENS - Finger hoe 540

Ø 21.3 in (540 mm)

The size 21.3 in (540 mm) is available in green/hard and yellow/medium (colour/stiffness).

CLEMENS - Finger hoe 700

Ø 27.6 in (700 mm)

The size 27.6 in (700 mm) is available in green/hard and yellow/medium (colour/stiffness).


The lightweight lift mast, with improved visibility when driving, is ideal for single-sided attachments weighing up to 300 kg.


The mechanical solution for precise tillage in light soils, perfect for high-wheel tractors, tracked vehicles, robots or carrier vehicles without hydraulic supply.

SB Compact

The SB Compact is a robust solution for narrow alleys with many possible combinations. It can be mounted at the rear or at the front

SB 2

Ideal frame to accommodate the modern undervine care systems RADIUS SL, RADIUS SL PLUS or MULTICLEAN


Would you like to work permanently with only a single-sided undervine care device, but as comfortably and safely as possible? For this case

Mid-mounting frame

The execution of multiple operations in one pass saves time and money. Oftentimes though, the length will be unhandy or impractical

Column lifter S5

The 1- or 2-sided installation of the column lifter in the area between the axles allows you to simultaneously work on the undervine area

Lifter S2 with 3 point linkage

Front three-point lift – the compact solution for holding various equipment such as the CLEMENS BIO Mulch Roller ECO-ROLL

COMPACT lifter

The double-sided operation of machines for undervine care is usually unproblematic. Although sometimes it is not required to work both sides

ATLAS lift mast

The ATLAS lift mast is characterised by the hexagonal profile proven in the HEXAGON. Due to its design and the resulting load capacity


The HEXAGON, made of solid hexagonal profiles, is used to hold tools for flat or deep soil loosening and offers the option of connecting

Finger roller

Does everything always have to be hydraulic? No, the easily adjustable finger roller can also provide efficient weed control


The RADIUS SL PLUS offers all the advantages of the RADIUS SL and even more. In addition to the blade share, driven additional implements

SB Orchard

We have developed the SB Orchard for extra wide rows, such as are common in fruit growing. Depending on the equipment


The RADIUS fears nothing. Due to the wide range of mounting options and a variety of accessories, the blade weeder

Model:14.6 in (370 mm)21.3 in (540 mm)27.6 in (700 mm)
Weight:about 29 lbsabout 57 lbsabout 93 lbs
Length x width x height:about 31.5 x 14.6 x 19.7about 41.3 x 21.3 x 17.7 inabout 43.3 x 27.6 x 21.7 in
Colors/Strengths:green/hard or yellow/mediumgreen/hard or yellow/mediumgreen/hard or yellow/medium
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