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Fruit growing
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  • Low-vibration
  • Sucker removal
  • String device

Mounting options

Mounting option
Mounting option
Mounting option

With the MULTICLEAN mulching brush you can remove the shoots and at the same time control weeds in the undervine area without interfering with the soil structure. The MULTICLEAN ist particularly low in vibration and has extremely robust and smooth strings, which are gentle on the vines. Different sizes are available for its various areas of application.

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For our standard model, the wire and irrigation hoses have to be installed at least 20 inches above the ground.



The particularly compact design guarantees optimal operation of low trellis systems.
The wire and irrigation hoses have to be installed at least 14 inches above the ground.



An extended working shaft guarantees an optimal operation in wide plantations. This makes the MULTICLEAN XL particularly suitable for fruit-growing.

Over-the-row frame

Over-the-row frame

Simple mounting onto the over-the-row frame in front mounting. The distance between the brushes can be adjusted mechanically via a top link or hydraulically. A one-sided hydraulic lift for uneven surfaces is integrated.

Electromagnetic override valve

Electromagnetic override valve

The electromagnetic manual control allows the MULTICLEAN to be controlled from the tractor cab. A pressure relief valve can be fitted as an option for the single-sided version. The 2-sided version is equipped with flow divider, adjustable pressure relief valve and 2 toggle switches for separate remote control (right or left or right and left) of the two brushes.

SB Compact

The SB Compact is a robust solution for narrow alleys with many possible combinations. It can be mounted at the rear or at the front

SB 2

Ideal frame to accommodate the modern undervine care systems RADIUS SL, RADIUS SL PLUS or MULTICLEAN


Would you like to work permanently with only a single-sided undervine care device, but as comfortably and safely as possible? For this case

Mid-mounting frame

The execution of multiple operations in one pass saves time and money. Oftentimes though, the length will be unhandy or impractical

Column lifter S5

The 1- or 2-sided installation of the column lifter in the area between the axles allows you to simultaneously work on the undervine area

Lifter S2 with 3 point linkage

Front three-point lift – the compact solution for holding various equipment such as the CLEMENS BIO Mulch Roller ECO-ROLL

COMPACT lifter

The double-sided operation of machines for undervine care is usually unproblematic. Although sometimes it is not required to work both sides

ATLAS lift mast

The ATLAS lift mast is characterised by the hexagonal profile proven in the HEXAGON. Due to its design and the resulting load capacity


The HEXAGON, made of solid hexagonal profiles, is used to hold tools for flat or deep soil loosening and offers the option of connecting


The variable mulcher for wine and fruit growing works excellently in vegetation management and is also suitable for shredding vine cuttings

SB Orchard

We have developed the SB Orchard for extra wide rows, such as are common in fruit growing. Depending on the equipment

Model Standard: Model XSModel XL
Hydraulic requirement: 1x single-acting1x single-acting1x single-acting
Oil requirement (for two-sided operation series connection):4.2 – 6.3 gal/min4.2 – 10.2 gal/min7.9 – 9.2 gal/min
Weight: about 88 lbsabout 82 lbsabout 198 lbs
Clearing height:about 22.8 in
(at 37,5° inclined position)
about 15.7 in
(at 37,5° inclined position)
about 18.1 in
(inclination not adjustable)
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