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Mounting options

Mounting option
Mounting option

The BIO mulch roller ECO-ROLL is the alternative to mulching. The roller can be entrained without any problems during any operation. The ECO-ROLL compresses the vegetation, whereupon the spades mounted on the roller kink the stalks and thus fold them over. The result is a mulch carpet that promotes good shadow fermentation. The plants sprout again at the vegetation point and provide the next organic carpet. With legumes, this method stimulates the growth of the nodule bacteria (rhizobia) and increases the nitrogen-collecting effect.

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BIO mulch roller ECO-ROLL with rigid three-point frame. Available for roller widths from 1000 mm to 2000 mm.

Hydraulically adjustable

Hydraulically adjustable

BIO mulch roller ECO-ROLL with hydraulically adjustable three-point frame. Available with 2 rollers 1000 mm each.

For over-row tractors

For over-row tractors

BIO mulch roller ECO-ROLL with rigid mounting bar for over-row tractors. Available for roller widths 400, 600 and 800 mm.

Lifter S2 with 3 point linkage

Front three-point lift – the compact solution for holding various equipment such as the CLEMENS BIO Mulch Roller ECO-ROLL


The HEXAGON, made of solid hexagonal profiles, is used to hold tools for flat or deep soil loosening and offers the option of connecting

ModelWeight with frameWorking widthExternal size
ECO-ROLL 400about 125 kg400 mm485 mm
ECO-ROLL 500about 145 kg500 mm585 mm
ECO-ROLL 600about 170 kg600 mm685 mm
ECO-ROLL 800about 235 kg800 mm885 mm
ECO-ROLL 1000about 310 kg1000 mm1095 mm
ECO-ROLL 1200about 355 kg1200 mm1295 mm
ECO-ROLL 1300about 375 kg1300 mm1395 mm
ECO-ROLL 1400about 400 kg1400 mm1495 mm
ECO-ROLL 1500about 420 kg1500 mm1595 mm
ECO-ROLL 1600about 445 kg1600 mm1695 mm
ECO-ROLL 1800about 535 kg1800 mm1905 mm
ECO-ROLL 2000about 580 kg2000 mm2105 mm
Version with hydraulic adjustmentabout 625 kg1100 - 1950 mm1210 - 2070 mm
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