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High-wheel tractor Mulcher

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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Worldwide dealer network

High-wheel tractor Mulcher

  • Adjustable
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  • Compact

Mounting options

Mounting option

Clean mowing of grass is possible even with large tractors.
The mulcher follows the working principle of optimally maintaining the areas in the vineyard.

The blades of the high-wheel tractor mulcher – driven by the tractor hydraulics – are set in rotation by a hydraulic motor and thus cut the grass. The curved blades of the knives lift the grass clippings slightly into the air, so that the clippings are distributed evenly over the field. This has a beneficial fertilizing effect on the soil at the same time. Depending on the carrier vehicle, the mulcher can be equipped with the appropriate drive. The working principle remains the same with the power take-off drive or the drive via an oil engine.

The various attachment frames with rigid or hydraulic mounting allow, on the one hand, superstructures in compact installation spaces and, on the other hand, the combination with equipment for understock treatment.
Alternatively, the mulcher can also be driven via a three-point direct linkage.

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