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Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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Worldwide dealer network


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Mounting options

Mounting option

The pre-pruner is used to remove the one-year-old wood and can be used in cordon systems as well as for spur training. The cutting head is equipped with a different number of cutting pairs depending on the conditions. The distance between the knives is 100 mm (4“). This dimension can be reduced to half or increased by using different spacers.
The special hydraulic system of the pre-pruner allows a very precise work. Due to the quick opening and closing of the basket, hardly any shoots remain around the post. The maintenance-free pressure accumulator guarantees a continuous perfect reaction even after several working sessions.

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Automatic opening system

Automatic opening system

Mounting kit incl. camera for upgrading the CLEMENS pre-pruner – Serves as optical pile detection (for all pile types) with the Connect APP option for setting up the machine via smartphone

ATLAS lift mast

The ATLAS lift mast is characterised by the hexagonal profile proven in the HEXAGON. Due to its design and the resulting load capacity


Intelligent control system with touchscreen and multifunction joystick

Weight:approx. 418.9 lbs
Distributors:1x s.a. with pressure-free return
Oil requirement:approx. 8 gal/min
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