Solutions for high wheel tractors/crawlers

Solutions for high wheel tractors/crawlers in viticulture and fruit growing

Particularly in French regions such as Champagne, Bourgogne, Medoc, Bordeaux or in the Italian region of Franciacorta, driving is done in narrow lanes. For the cultivation of row crops, high-wheel tractors and crawlers are therefore often used, which have to be equipped with a wide variety of tools.

With our special frames and adapters for high-wheel tractors and caterpillars, we meet your needs and offer you a basis for the efficient cultivation of narrow lanes. Our product portfolio includes the following frames: basic frame, scissor-joint frame, universal frame, cultivator frame as well as the high wheel tractor mulcher.

Solutions for
high wheel tractors/crawlers
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High-wheel tractor Mulcher

Clean mowing of grass is possible even with large tractors. The mulcher follows the working principle of optimally maintaining

Cultivator frame

The cultivator frame mechanically frees, narrow rows in particular, from grass. The base frame with two sliding pieces is mechanically adjustable

Universal frame

The universal frame is a very compact, stable and side-independent adjustable frame, which is suitable for all attachments

Scissor joint frame

The scissor joint frame is a real luxury for all work under the vine in narrow rows. Two arms and two adjustment tubes

Basic frame

Efficient implement combinations are required for effective use of the high-wheel tractor. The base frame enables a wide range of

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