Foliage management

Foliage management in viticulture and fruit growing

Foliage wall management is a high priority for winegrowers and fruit growers and involves a wide variety of measures. Since all foliage work has an effect on the subsequent quantity and quality of the harvest, the choice of foliage management equipment must be adapted to the method of cultivation of the row crop.

Starting with the straightening and tying of the shoots, the gentle defoliation and cutting of the shoots up to the pruning and the vine wood pulling – we offer you a complete product portfolio with which you can work on and care for your foliage all year round:

The complete production of the equipment takes place at our site in Wittlich. This allows us to offer you everything from a single source and ensure that the machines meet our and your quality standards. When it comes to configuration, we proceed according to our usual modular system. Now enjoy the freedom to choose between individual modules.

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The particularly robust yet lightweight trimmer enables you to work on slopes as well as on large flat surfaces.

Leaf remover

The leaf remover is used for mechanical defoliation of the grape zone and can be used from flowering until shortly before harvest.


The pre-pruner is used to remove the one-year-old wood and can be used in cordon systems as well as for spur training.

Shoot binder EASYFIX

The shoot binder EASYFIX is easy to use, maintain and adjust and works with biodegradable clips.

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