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The lightweight lift mast, with improved visibility when driving, is ideal for single-sided attachments weighing up to 300 kg.

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Mounting options

Mounting option

The CLEMENS ATLAS LITE lift mast optimizes your foliage work in vineyards and orchards in particular. As a lighter alternative to our tried-and-tested ATLAS model, you benefit from all the advantages in a more compact design.

Winegrowers particularly appreciate the significantly improved view of the road and implement, which is also guaranteed with the optional Z-kinematics. ATLAS LITE is more lightweight than our standard model and how a lower center of gravity, making it easier to use and reducing the load on your machines.

As with ATLAS, ATLAS LITE offers precise lateral tilt so that you can work in any position without any problems. The versatile lift mast is designed for single-sided foliage handling machines weighing up to 300 kg, which makes it ideal for a wide range of machines such as leaf remover, S and M pre-pruner, L and U trimmer, EASYFIX shoot binder and the overline frame with MULTICLEAN.

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Working angle adjustment

Working angle adjustment

In combination with the hydraulic working angle adjustment, the working implement can be optimally brought into working and driving position.

Lateral shift

Lateral shift

The hydraulic lateral shift allows us to optimally adjust the working unit to the row width. In combined operations this ensures that a further implement at the rear can be guided centrally in the row.

Parallel linkage

Parallel linkage

The parallel linkage allows the parallel control of the lateral inclination and the angle adjustment, so that the attached device always hangs in the vertical position. Especially advantageous for pointed rows.

Storing frame

Storing frame

Pump-Tank-Unit Tool carriers


Additional hydraulic supply, which is mounted directly on the frame. Hydraulically operated work tools can thus be used without loading the hydraulic system of your tractor.


The particularly robust yet lightweight trimmer enables you to work on slopes as well as on large flat surfaces.

Leaf remover

The leaf remover is used for mechanical defoliation of the grape zone and can be used from flowering until shortly before harvest.


The pre-pruner is used to remove the one-year-old wood and can be used in cordon systems as well as for spur training.

Shoot binder EASYFIX

The shoot binder EASYFIX is easy to use, maintain and adjust and works with biodegradable clips.


With the MULTICLEAN mulching brush you can remove the shoots and at the same time control weeds in the undervine area without interfering

Lifting height:800 mm
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