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Leaf remover

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Product warranty

years warranty

Worldwide dealer network

Worldwide dealer network

Leaf remover

  • Robust
  • Clean
  • Simple

Mounting options

Mounting option

The leaf remover is used for mechanical defoliation of the grape zone and can be used from flowering until shortly before harvest.

The leaves are sucked in by a suction roller and plucked off by a roller rotating in the opposite direction. The leaves are blown forward into the vine row by a fan. A very strong suction power due to the efficient fan wheel, makes it possible to carry out the defoliation gently and effectively even with little pressure on the canopy.
The leaf remover can be optionally configured with a front trimming knife. It can be mounted to a rotating device 240° with integrated lift pole of 800 mm (31.5″) lift height.

Special features:

  • Easy cleaning by swinging out the fan wheel
  • Easy replacement of the rubber segments on the disk roller
  • Individual blades on the fan wheel can be replaced
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Sickle bar

Sickle bar

Shortens the side shoots and guarantees an optimal working result.

Weight:approx. 187.4 lbs
Distributors:1x s.a. with pressure-free return
for the leaf remover
1x d.a. for the rotating device
Oil requirement:approx. 4 – 6.3 gal/min
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