Discover now: Top seller RADIUS product line

RADIUS product line

Discover now: Top seller RADIUS product line

With our RADIUS product line, we provide you with a proven alternative to chemical weed control. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the flat coulter, your plants are treated gently so that you benefit from a clean undervine area that provides the best conditions for healthy growth of your plants.

Get to know the different versions of the RADIUS now and let yourself be convinced by the advantages of the different model variants. All versions have a wide range of attachment options and impress with high working speeds of up to 10km/h.

RADIUS product line Discover now


The RADIUS D represents a new generation of double-acting weed control equipment in the field of understock treatment


The RADIUS SL PLUS offers all the advantages of the RADIUS SL and even more. In addition to the blade share, driven additional implements


The RADIUS fears nothing. Due to the wide range of mounting options and a variety of accessories, the blade weeder

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