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GSG – Fan sprayers

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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GSG – Fan sprayers

Fruit growing
  • less plant protection agent
  • less drift
  • less motor fuel

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The GSG over-row fan sprayers are a new range in the field of plant protection.
They are fitted with hydraulically driven cross-current fans. With the 2, 3 and 4-row machines, a new configuration of the fans and a recycling system mean that up to 40% less crop protection agent is used in the course of the season.

Special features of the machines include:

  • large surface coverage, with treatment of up to 4 rows on both sides
  • extremely smooth running at max. speed
  • a new configuration of the fans (suction and pressure side are opposite one another) – as a result, there is significantly less drifting with simultaneous high accumulation of agent and high recycling rates
  • machines with more than 4 cross-current fans are fitted with their own hydraulic system
  • semi-electric or fully electric control
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 AN 2N 2
Weight:992 lbs3086 lbs
Length:137.8 in94.5 in
Width:90.6 in94.5 in
Height:82.7 in98.4 in
Width adjustment:7.9 - 39.4 in7.9 - 39.4 in
Row width:2 rows treated on both sides 66.9 – 94.5 in2 rows treated on both sides 66.9 – 94.5 in
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