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Meadow plane

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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Worldwide dealer network

Meadow plane

Fruit growing
Tree nurseries
  • Levelling
  • Grassland care
  • Gentle

Mounting options

Mounting option

Repairing damage to grassland, e.g. after the feast of a pack of wild boars, without hard intervention in the soil structure – this is what the meadow plane does. With its two counter-rotating augers, it gently levels the turbulent surface while protecting the turf. As a result, the power requirement is low and the area output high. In conjunction with a mounted seed drill, new seed is sown in the same operation.

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Seed drill pneumatic

The pneumatic seed drill offers many advantages. The electrically controlled seed shaft transports the seed from the container into the air channel

Seed drill mechanical

Unproblematic mounting and simple application. Suitable for rotary harrows, cultivators, meadow plane and other tillage implements

Weight without seed drill: about 1775 lbs
Length x width x height without seed drill: about 47.2 x 107.5 x 43.3 in
Working width:about 100.4 in
Power requirement:60 HP
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