TRP – RT – Nobili

  • Variable
  • Stable
  • Agile

Nobili TRP-RT 120-145-175 mulchers are tractor-mounted machines to be fitted to the tractor three-point linkage.
Ideal to collect, to shred and to store pruning of vineyards, orchards and olive groves. Unique for the big-bags made of special transpiring material ensuring a natural mulched product drying. TRP-RT mulchers properly shred pruning residues aimed to be collected for energetic purposes. TRT-RT range is equipped with a pick-up device – for pruning lifting – avoiding grass, stones and soil entering into the mulching chamber. TRP-RT mulchers can be equipped with roller or wheels adjusting the working height. Also available in low profile for canopy vineyards and with forks for bins lifting.

Nobili TRP 145 and 175 CV mulchers have the same standard characteristics of TRP-RT mulchers but they are equipped with a vertical conveyor specifically conceived to fill a trailer driven by the same tractor on the same row or on the sideways row.

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Technical Data

Working width:

TRP-RT 120: 47,24 in
TRP-RT 145: 57,09 in
TRP-RT 175: 68,11 in

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