TRP – Nobili

  • Variable
  • Stable
  • Agile

Tractor mounted mulcher provided with a pick-up device that picks up the pruning residues, by lifting and carrying them inside the mulching chamber to be shredded and afterwards distributed on the ground.
Its particularly sturdy structure makes the TRP especially recommended for shredding pruning residues on uneven and stony ground. Equipped with hammers, ensuring an excellent cut quality, the rotor at 2200 rpm allows a high working speed.
Available in the models TRP 95 – 120 – 145 and 175, with working widths of 956, 1200, 1450 and 1730 mm. This range may be equipped with steering rear wheels or roller with removable bottoms.


  • Rotor with 8 hammer row
  • More uniform mulching result
  • Gearbox with free wheel and toothed belts
  • Torque limiter
  • Grid with calibrated holes of various dimensions integrated in the chassis
  • Various removable counterknives
  • Hydraulic pick-up (on request)
  • Broad range of options
  • Lesser power absorption
  • Great reliability over time
  • Possibility to choose both mulched product dimensions and power absorption
  • Allowing to adjust the pick up speed and to reverse its sense of rotation by difficult conditions
Clemens Radius SL


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Technical Data

Working width:

TRP 95: 37.64 in
TRP 120: 47.24 in
TRP 145: 57.09 in
TRP 175: 68.11 in

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