• Variable
  • Robust
  • Maintenance free

The particularly robust yet lightweight trimmer enables you to work on slopes as well as on large flat surfaces. A fully modular design leaves almost nothing to be desired. The cutter bars can be individually adapted to the respective requirements in their contours such as cutting angle, height and width or cutting pattern. The special sickle knives and splash guards on all knife carriers ensure a particularly clean cut of the vine shoots.

Special features:
– Easy belt change thanks to freely accessible drive train
– Maintenance-free V-ribbed belts for the knife drive – no retensioning necessary
– Indirect knife drive via V-ribbed belt – Motor protection in case of collision
– Collision protection via gas pressure dampers on both vertical cutter bars
– Sickle knives (wire-repellent) turn downwards – less contamination of tractor and machine due to less stray plant parts
– Direction of rotation of the knives can be changed on request

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Weight:
  • Depending on the configuration
  • Distributors:
  • 1x s.a. with pressure-free return
  • for the trimmer
  • 1x d.a. for the mast
  • 1x d.a. for angle adjustment
  • 1x d.a. for width adjustment
  • Oil requirement:
  • Depending on the number of motors installed, from 4.2 up to 9.2 gal/min


One or two sided

L shape

One or two sided

U shape

Different cutter bars can be combined

C shape

One or two sided

Top cutter

One or two sided



With 3, 4, 5 or 6 knives

Vertical cutter bar

Flexible (with 2 and 3 knives) or rigid (with 2 knives)

Horizontal cutter bar

Angle of attack continuously adjustable up to max. 45°

Undercut knife

Hydraulic height adjustement from 400mm
(for 2 and 3 knifes cutter bars)

Hydraulic height adjustement

Available combinations

ATLAS lift mast
C.DRIVE control unit
CLEMENS Technologies