Seed drill pneumatic

  • Reliable
  • Space-saving
  • Simple

The pneumatic seed drill offers many advantages. The electrically controlled seed shaft transports the seed from the container into the air channel. Here the seed is conveyed with the aid of the blower via flexible hoses to the baffle plates and distributed evenly and close to the ground. This ensures exact seed application even in windy conditions!

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Filling capacity
    •    Model PS120: about 31.7 gal
    •    Model PS200: about 52.8 gal
  • Number of outlets
    •    both models:  8
  • Weight without contents:
    •    Model PS120: about 99.2 lbs
    •    Model PS200: about 132.3 lbs
  • Length x width x height
    •   Model PS120: 
    •    about 35.4 x 23.6 x 31.5 in
    •    Model PS200: 
    •    about 39.4 x 27.6 x 35.4 in



The wheel sensor is rigidly attached to the frame and detects the driving speed. The control module regulates the rotational speed of the seed shaft and thus the spread rate adapted to the measured forward speed.

Wheel sensor

If the signal socket on the tractor is correctly wired, the tractor’s forward speed and linkage signal are picked up and displayed on the control module.

Signal cable 7 poles

Optimally suited for 3-point linkage devices. The sowing shaft is automatically engaged or stopped by the mechanical actuation of a sensing spring.

Upper link lift sensor

Available combinations

Meadow plane
Rotary harrow ASCOT
Rotary harrow VITIS
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