Scissor joint frame

  • Flexible
  • Precise
  • Adjustable

The scissor joint frame is a real luxury for all work under the vine in narrow rows.

Two arms and two adjustment tubes ensure precise adjustment of all implements. The hydraulic width adjustment allows the implements mounted on the high-wheel tractor or the caterpillar, such as RADIUS SL, RADIUS SL Plus, finger roller, finger hoe, GSP disc and MULTICLEAN, to be adapted to different row widths.

A color-coded marker tells the user the position of the width adjustment so that it can be set the same way for multi-row bodies.
The special design of the scissor joint frame also offers the option of having both sides work asymmetrically.

This mechanical solution compensates the distance to the vine in case the implement carrier is forced to drive off-center

Clemens Radius SL


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