• Ecofriendly
  • Robust
  • Versatile

The RADIUS SL PLUS offers all the advantages of the RADIUS SL and even more. In addition to the blade share, driven additional implements can also be mounted quickly. So you always have the right machine at hand, even under different conditions and objectives.

Clemens Radius SL
Clemens Radius SL
Clemens Radius SL
Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Oil requirement
    •    Basic device:
    •    about 8 – 12 l/min per unit
    •    Rotary cultivator:
    •    about 35 l/min
    •    Driven disks: about 20 l/min
    •    Mower: about 20 l/min
  • Weight
    •    Basic device: about 35 kg
    •    Blade share+sensor rod:
    •    about 2,8 – 5,1 kg (depending on
    •    length)
    •    Rotary cultivator: about 23 kg
    •    Driven disks: about 42 kg
  • Blade share/sensor rod lengths:
    • about 500/620 mm
  • Working speed:
    • about 3 to 10 km/h, depending on tool



In combination with the blade share, the soil is first broken up and then divided by the rotary cultivator and, depending on the speed of rotation, also cleared a little. The rotary cultivator can also work on its own when conditions are not too extreme, e.g. in very loamy, loosened soils.

Rotary cultivator

The driven disks are used to pull soil out of the vine area, for clearing or to cut furrows, for example to better deposit liquid manure or natural fertilizer.

Driven disks

The mower (Ø 400 mm (16”)) swivels hydraulically between the vines to mulch the vegetation that is growing there with two knife blades.


The electromagnetic manual control allows the blade share to be controlled from the tractor cab. A pressure relief valve can be fitted as an option for the single-sided version. The 2-sided version is equipped with a flow divider, adjustable pressure relief valve and 2 toggle switches for separate remote control (right or left or right and left) of the two blade shares.

Electromagnetic override valve

As an option, soil and stone deflectors can be fitted behind the RADIUS, which pushes the stones and soil out of the alley back towards the vine area after weeding. This keeps the vegetation free for follow-up work such as mulching.

Soil and stone deflector

To compensate for side slopes, we offer hydraulic, mechanical or sensory solutions that bring the weeding device back into the correct position. The lateral angle adjustment can be attached to the base frames such as HEXAGON, SB frames or also to the S2R and S5 column lifters.

Lateral angle adjustment

Pivoting clod breakers are mounted on the blade share of the RADIUS and are used to break up the clods of earth and pull roots up over the ground. This helps to dry out weeds more quickly.

Pivoting clod breaker

The clearing blade can be retrofitted to all blade shares with the aid of two screws. If you then change the limit stop and thus the working angle of the blade share to 60°, the soil can be pulled out from between the vines.

Clearing share

The sensing share is pushed outwards by the soil flow and remains in working position a little longer after the blade share has swung in, until the foot of the vine pushes the small share to the side. Weeds growing directly on the vine can be removed this way.

Sensing share

Protects the working shaft, breaks up the ground and, thanks to its shape, supports penetration into the ground even under hard conditions.

Rigid tine with grubber share

Protects the working shaft, facilitates the penetration of the blade share into the soil and ensures a clean edge between the vegetation in the row and the worked area under the vines. Slight earth transport towards the vine or from the vine into the alley is possible due to the adjustable angle. The Ø 300 mm (12″) disk plow is available with either a serrated or smooth disk.

Disk plow Ø 300 (12“) & 350 mm (14“)

Protects the working shaft and is particularly suitable for plowing back or hilling up.

Clearing body

Protects the working shaft, facilitates the penetration of the blade share into the soil and ensures a clean edge between the vegetation in the alley and the worked area under the vines.

Disk colter

Additional hydraulic supply, which is mounted directly on the frame. Hydraulically operated work tools can thus be used without loading the hydraulic system of your tractor.


Available combinations

Tool carriers SB
Mid-mounting frame
S5 Column lifter
Compact lifter
Finger hoe
C.DRIVE control unit
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