• Low-vibration
  • Sucker removal
  • String device

With the MULTICLEAN mulching brush you can remove the shoots and at the same time control weeds in the undervine area without interfering with the soil structure. The MULTICLEAN ist particularly low in vibration and has extremely robust and smooth strings, which are gentle on the vines. Different sizes are available for its various areas of application.

Clemens Radius SL
Clemens Radius SL
Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Hydraulic requirement:
    • 1x simple-acting
  • Oil requirement
    •    Model Standard: 16 – 24 l/min
    •    Model XS: 16 – 38,5 l/min
    •    Model XL: 30 – 35 l/min
    •    for two-sided operation series
    •    connection
  • Weight
    •    Model Standard: about 40 kg
    •    Model XS: about 37 kg
    •    Model XL: about 90 kg
  • Clearing height
    •    Model Standard: about 580 mm
    •    (at 37,5° inclined position)
    •    Model XS:about 400 mm
    •    (at 37,5° inclined position)
    •    Model XL: about 460 mm
    •    (inclination not adjustable)


For our standard model, the wire and irrigation hoses have to be installed at least 50 cm above the ground.


The particularly compact design guarantees optimal operation of low trellis systems.
The wire and irrigation hoses have to be installed at least 35 cm above the ground.


An extended working shaft guarantees an optimal operation in wide plantations. This makes the MULTICLEAN XL particularly suitable for fuit-growing.



Simple mounting onto the over-the-row frame in front mounting. The distance between the brushes can be adjusted mechanically via a top link or hydraulically. A one-sided hydraulic lift for uneven surfaces is integrated.

Over-the-row frame

The electromagnetic manual control allows the MULTICLEAN to be controlled from the tractor cab. A pressure relief valve can be fitted as an option for the single-sided version. The 2-sided version is equipped with flow divider, adjustable pressure relief valve and 2 toggle switches for separate remote control (right or left or right and left) of the two brushes.

Electromagnetic override valve

Available combinations

ATLAS lift mast
Tool carriers SB
Mid-mounting frame
Column lifter S5
Compact lifter
C.DRIVE control unit
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