• Variable
  • Stable
  • Agile

The variable mulcher for wine and fruit growing works excellently in vegetation management and is also suitable for shredding vine cuttings. It is driven by a 540 rpm PTO and a factory supplied cardan shaft with slip clutch. A double-acting control unit is required for hydraulic width adjustment. The two rotating blade carriers, each equipped with two freely movable blades, guarantee a high mulching speed with low power requirement. The cutting height is adjusted at the front by large adjustable support wheels and at the rear by a continuously adjustable roller. This guarantees the best running characteristics, even on uneven terrain. Maintenance-friendly due to few lubrication and oiling points and low-wear blades.

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Hydraulic requirement:
    • 1x double-acting
  • Required tractor power
    •    Model 115-190: 50-70 HP
    •    Model 160-210: 60-80 HP
  • Three-point category
    •    Model 115-190: Cat.1
    •    all larger models:
    •    Cat.1 + Cat.2
  • Machine height: about 43.7 in

Available combinations

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