Leaf remover

  • Comfortable
  • Clean
  • Simple

Allow your grapes to sunbathe at the right time and remove the leaves in the grape zone with the defoliator.
The vine leaves are drawn in between a rubber roller and a perforated drum by a suction fan, removed from the vine and ejected from the machine. Thanks to a parallelogram joint, the leaf remover glides gently over the grape area.
When used at the end of the flowering season, a fan blows the blossoms clean, i.e. the smallest flower parts are removed. This prevents the formation of nutrients that would allow fungi and bacteria to grow.

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Housing
    •    Model EL 30: Aluminium
    •    Model EL 50: Aluminium
  • Oil requirement
    •    Model EL 30: 20 l/min
    •    Model EL 50: 20 l/min
  • Weight
    •    Model EL 30: about 30 kg
    •    Model EL 50: about 50 kg
  • Noise emission
    •    Model EL 30: 72dB
    •    Model EL 50: 72dB

Available combinations

C.DRIVE control unit