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Do not look for a cheaper solution to combat night frost in fruit and wine growing, because you won’t find any. The cost per hectare protected is lower than with any other system. The mobile machines do not need water and function even during wind frost. The Frostbuster F501 is a tractor-drawn machine, the model F252 is mounted on the three-point linkage.

Note: The technical capabilities of the machine have the potential to minimize possible frost damage to the plantation. Due to the variety of environmental and ambient influences, as well as specific application decisions regarding the placement of the machine, complete protection yield cannot be guaranteed even when the machine is used correctly!

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Technical data

  • Weight without gas cylinders
    •    Model F501: about 3,703.8 lbs
    •    Model F252: about 771.6 lbs
  • Length x width x height
    •    Model F501:
    •    about 169.3 x 57.1 x 65 in
    •    Model F252:
    •    about 67.3 x 67.7 x 46.9 in
  • Protected area
    •    Model F501: about 20 – 25 acres
    •    Model F252: about 10 – 20 acres
  • Average gas consumption
    •    Model F501: about 77.2 lbs/h
    •    Model F252: about 66.1 lbs/h
  • Power requirement
    •    Model F501: min. 65 HP
    •    Model F252: min. 55 HP
  • Air outlets
    •    Model F252: 2 outlets at the
    •    bottom
  • Application
    •    Model F252: Fruit trees,
    •    vineyards, greenhouses

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