• Variable
  • Chemical-free
  • Yield-increasing

The thinning device FLEXITREE, which became known as the “Bonner System” for fruit set regulation, is produced by CLEMENS and sold worldwide. The patented development of Dr. Damerow and Dr. Blanke serves to mechanically knock off the blossoms of fruit trees in spring with a rotating shaft, thus avoiding the use of hormones. The device is flexibly configurable and can be perfectly adapted to the crown structure and different tree heights by means of various adjustment options.

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Hydraulic requirements
    •    Basic unit: 1 x single-acting
    •    with pressure-free return flow
    •    and adjustable flow divider
    •    Lift mast: 1 x double-acting
    •    Angle adjustment:
    •    1 x double-acting
    •    Lateral shift (optional):
    •    1 x double-acting
  • Weight (basic unit): about 155 kg
  • Dimensions (basic unit):
    • about 2450 x 2200 x 462 mm
  • Lifting height of ATLAS mast:
    • about 950 mm
  • Stroke lateral shift (optional): about 400 mm
  • Lateral inclination adjustment:
    • left (inwards) 18°
    • right (outwards) 26°

Available combinations

ATLAS lift mast
C.DRIVE control unit
CLEMENS Technologies