Shoot-binder EASYFIX

  • Practice-oriented
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable

The shoot binder EASYFIX is easy to use, maintain and adjust and works with biodegradable clips. This means that after about 18 months of exposure to the sun, the polypropylene stapling cord can be mechanically removed with a rewinder, saving a significant amount of time. Special attention is paid to the gentle but powerful erection of the foliage, which is gentle on the vines. The built-in cord brake system facilitates the attachment of the cord at the end of the row.

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Hydraulic requirement
  •    basic unit: 1x single-acting with
  •    at least 6.6 gallons and pressure-
  •    free return
  •    options: 1x each double-acting
  •    (e.g. for lift mast)
  • Weight basic unit: approx. 396.8 lbs
  • Weight incl. lift mast ATLAS: approx. 749.6 lbs
  • Working speed: approx. 3 mph
  • Magazine capacity: 300 Clips
  • Tensile strength
  •    yarn 750m/kg: 93 kgf
  •    yarn 900m/kg: 75 kgf


Delays the first pruning.

Front Trimmer

Facilitates the flow of the foliage.


Available combinations

ATLAS Lift mast
C.DRIVE Control unit
CLEMENS Technologies