• Light
  • Efficient
  • Reliable

Mechanical soil cultivation, seedbed preparation and optimum levelling of the ground. Perfect surface for subsequent maintenance work without soil compaction due to vertically rotating blades. The tines are mounted in two bearings and are driven by a robust spur gear running in fluid grease. This model has a low weight design.

Clemens Radius SL


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Technical data

  • Speed: 540 rpm
  • Power requirement:
    • 40/30 HP/kW
  • Tine length: about 9.8 in
    • Further technical data can be found in the adjacent table.

Sizes & Dimensions
ModelWeight with cage rollerWeight with Packer rollerTotal widthWorking widthTine units
ASCOT 100about 331 kgabout 352 kgabout 1045 mmabout 961 mm5
ASCOT 120about 365 kgabout 391 kgabout 1225 mmabout 1141 mm6
ASCOT 140about 399 kgabout 630 kgabout 1403 mmabout 1321 mm7


Optional spindle-adjustable levelling bar for a particularly even ground surface.

Levelling bar

Available combinations

Seed drill mechanical
Seed drill pneumatic
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