Monorail track that masters every gradient and profile of the land.

Since the late 1980s, several tens of thousands of metres of track have been installed for the monorack in over a hundred vineyards. Work on the steep slopes is made very much easier through installation of the monorack especially on extremely steep slopes and terraced vineyards on which paths and roads cannot be built.

Monorack     Monorack

The monorack saves a great deal of time when transporting passengers. It is also used to transport materials into the vineyard, as well as to transport the picked grapes down into the valley when harvested.

The advantage of the monorack lies in its versatile routing. Gradients of up to 100% can easily be mastered. Horizontal and vertical bends, singly or in combination with 4 metre radius permit optimum adaptation to the profile of the land. Overhanging cliffs and high walls can be overcome with correspondingly high supports; existing footpaths and ravines can be crossed in the same way.

When routed accordingly, the monorack can be loaded and unloaded at any point.

Monorack     Monorack

The slender form of the monorack rack-and-pinion rail system makes it particularly suitable for use in vineyards, as it enlarges the area available for cultivation. The track essentially comprises a rail – a hot-dip galvanized square tubing with toothed rack welded on underneath – and supports made from galvanized 1" gas pipes. Unlike conventional surface-mounted vehicles, the monorack system prevents erosion of the soil.

The monorack tractor is equipped with two mutually independent brake systems ensuring optimum safety. An overspeed safety brake is additionally installed under the tractor seat.
The pallet carriage with mount can transport both people and material up to a maximum load of 250 kg.
All monorack tractors which we have installed also feature additional equipment which was developed in consultation with the agricultural employers' liability insurance association in order to improve safety at work.


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