GAI series 90

The 9000 series monoblocs perform all the operations required in bottling quality wines. This machine generation has a maximum capacity of 4,000 bottles per hour.

GAI Serie 90

The latest development by GAI deserves special mention: this machine combines the functions of washing, drying, capsule processing and labelling in a "superblock".


  • compact, the single block is noticeably less bulky than the machines from which it is composed
  • synchronisation, the bottles are moved by a single motor
  • simple to use, all of the movements are synchronised, making commissioning and using the machine easier
  • precise washing of both the body of the bottle as well as the cork and base of the bottle
  • complete drying of the bottle with a mechanical dryer, followed by blowing with powerful blasts of air
  • capsules are distributed by the screw conveyor, and the bottles are centred by means of grippers
  • high-quality heat shrinking with blasts of air and thermostatic control of temperature
  • capsules are smoothed precisely with an appropriate number of smoothing heads
  • precise, high-quality self-adhesive labelling with stepper motor
  • options, extensive range of labelling equipment


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