GAI Series 00

GAI Serie 00

 GAI Series 01

GAI Serie 01
The introductory class comprises machines exclusively for combined bottling and sealing.   In this series, the container to be filled is additionally vacuumed and subsequently rinsed with inert gas before being filled with product sensitive to oxygen.

 GAI Series 02

GAI Serie 02

 GAI Series 03

GAI Serie 03
This series provides the user the choice between two filling and two sealing versions, normally natural cork and a screw cap.   For this series, the machines of Series 02 additionally include vacuuming and inert gas rinsing of the container before it is actually filled.

 GAI Series 05

GAI Serie 05

 GAI Series 06

GAI Serie 06
In this series a rinser is connected upstream of the filler and sealer combination, which can be produced as single or two-channel version (liquid and gas).   This "Superbloc" consists of Rinser, Preliminary evacuation and inert gas rinsing, Filling under low vacuum or gravimetrically, CO2 overlay and fill height correction, Sealing