Grape sorting

Fully-automated grape sorting for particularly high quality requirements: the DELTA VISTALYS sorting machine.

Delta Vistalys Picture
The Delta Vistalys with the Delta TRV 20 vibrating table (right) placed in front.

The technological concepts that have been developed for the Delta Vistalys optical sorting machine will give you valuable advantages and allow you to sort 100% of the grape harvest according to your quality criteria.
The Delta Vistalys can reach a performance of up to 10 tonnes/hour and uses a colour camera to sort berries. Continual analysis of the pictures enables the operator to fine-tune the sorting process extremely precisely to suit their own personal targets and the original quality of the grapes.


Before being sorted, 100% of the grape berries are transported onto a Delta TRV vibrating table (placed in front of the sorting machine) that removes the juice of the destemmed grapes and feeds the Delta Vistalys at a constant rate.

A studded conveyor belt travels at a high and constant speed (2.5 m/s or 10 km/h). The berries are spread out and stabilised between the pimples which enables precise sorting to take place at full speed. The pictures that are taken by the high speed colour camera are clear and precise thanks to the continual illumination of the berries and the shadow-free backlighting from LEDs. The pictures can then be processed by a powerful computer that has been specially adapted to be used with grapes.

As soon as the pictures have been analysed, the unwanted parts are automatically removed by pneumatic high-frequency nozzles.

The grape harvest to be sorted   After sorting
The grape harvest to be sorted
After sorting



Technical Data:

  Delta TRV 20 Delta Vistalys
Length: 2,170 mm 2,430 mm
Width: 895 mm 1,810 mm
Height: 1,350 mm 2,300 mm
Maximum performance: up to 10 tonnes/hour - depending on the grape variety and operational conditions

Delta Vistalys
The complete sorting line: the Delta TR belt conveyor, the Delta E2 destemmer, the Delta TRV 20 vibrating table and the Delta Vistalys.


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