This innovative destemming process, manufactured exclusively by Bucher Vaslin, functions without beaters, rollers or rotating baskets.

Delta Oscillys 200
Delta Oscilliys 200

The Delta Oscillys functions with a large oscillatory motion of the basket, using inertia to separate the grape berries from the stalks.
The Delta Oscillys performs high quality destemming with a low level of juice lost and undamaged stalks.

The funnel of the Delta Oscillys is supplied with a uniform and constant amount of grapes which are then distributed into one (the Delta Oscillys 100) or two (the Delta Oscillys 200) baskets. The pendular swinging motion then transports the grapes from the upper end of the baskets towards the bottom.
In the process, the grape berries are separated from the stalks by the inertia of the mass (the force that acts upon the grape berries is larger than the strength of the connection between the berries and the stalks) and the berries then exit the basket through the holes in the basket.
Underneath the basket, the berries and the stalks are then collected by a rolling sorter. All unwanted elements (stalks, green parts etc.) are removed there. The operator can then very easily ajust the process to suit the respective grape harvest by altering the speed of the pendulum and the diameter of the holes in the basket.

The principle of the Delta Oscillys 200   The Delta Oscillys 200 - pictured from above
The principle of the Delta Oscillys 200
The Delta Oscillys 200 - pictured from above


Positive Results:

The quality of destemming provided by the Delta Oscillys is between five and ten times better than that provided by traditional destemming machines.
The proportion of remaining green parts is between around 0.2% to 0.5%, whereas traditional destemmers leave a proportion of between 2% and 4.5% of green parts.

Technical Data:

Performance: From 2 tonnes/hour to 20 tonnes/hour*

* depending on the variety of grape and the type and quality of the grapes


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