NEW – Foliage Management Program

NEW – Foliage Management Program

Our constant drive is to be able to offer vintners and fruit growers a wide range of row culture products for the whole-year production. For this reason, after the development of the first leaf remover in the 1990s, machines for leaf processing have always been a topic of interest at CLEMENS Technologies. The licensed production of the shoot binder in 2017 was then the starting signal to take over the complete production of the leaf treatment program ourselves at our site in Wittlich. This allows us to offer everything from a single source and ensure that the machines meet our high quality standards.

The focus of our product developments is a service-friendly machine with low wear and low costs in terms of maintenance and spare parts. We have implemented the requirements placed on us over the last few years in our products such as the leaf trimmer, leaf remover, pre-pruner, EASYFIX shoot binder and KOBOLD cane puller.

In the configuration we proceed according to our usual modular system, so that all leaf treatment machines can be individually combined for different requirements.

For example, in the case of the leaf trimmer, you can freely choose from different model series (undercut leaf trimmer, single-/double-sided over-row unit), different working lengths of the longitudinal cutter bars, optional undercut or top knives, alternative operating aids to the tractor hydraulics, and implement carriers such as the ATLAS lift mast, in order to obtain the best working result according to your needs.

With regular dealer training, we ensure that our dealers around the world are always up to date and can assist you with the configuration. In April this year, our foliage management program was the focus of a virtual product training session so that our dealers could once again learn about the advantages of CLEMENS machines in detail.


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