Minister visit in Wittlich

CLEMENS Besuch von Alexander Schweitzer Führung

Minister visit in Wittlich

In recent weeks, we had a visit at our company headquarters in Wittlich from Alexander Schweitzer, Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Transformation and Digital Affairs, and Daniela Schmitt, Minister of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture – both in the state parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Both visits focused primarily on the topics of digitization and training. In a pleasant round of talks with the management, some apprentices and long-time employees (m/f/d), the success factors for the international development of CLEMENS Technologies were discussed.

Especially our experiences as an attractive employer and trainer led to an interesting and lively exchange between the politicians and our apprentices. It became clear that the continuous offer of several apprenticeships per year since the foundation of the company in 1952 is a guarantor for the healthy growth of the company. Both ministers were impressed by the importance attached to training in our company.

Currently, there are 37 trainees among our 220 employees (m/f/d), who are quickly integrated into the company’s daily routine and take on responsibility through varied tasks with a high degree of practical relevance. The high number of apprentices in different apprenticeship years also enables an exchange among the apprentices from which everyone can benefit. Through intensive support during their training, the apprentices learn our high quality standards in all work processes from scratch and therefore represent our skilled workers (m/f/d) of tomorrow.

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