Bernard Clemens Sponsorship Award conferred for the 10th time

CLEMENS Förderpreis Preisträger und Preisträgerinnen 2020

Bernard Clemens Sponsorship Award conferred for the 10th time

On September 13, the best students (m/f/d) of the three Wittlich high schools and the two secondary schools were awarded by the CEO of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Trier, Dr. Jan Glockauer, at the Hotel Vulcano Lindenhof in Wittlich.

The Bernard Clemens Sponsorship Award was established in 2012 and is now endowed with a total of €18,000. It is supported by the companies CLEMENS Technologies, ELSEN Holding and the NEUE Apotheke in Wittlich.

The prize consists of a freely disposable portion of €250 or €500 and an earmarked amount of between €2,000 and €5,000. This money may be used for a stay abroad with a social or professional background, a language trip or a semester abroad.
To date, a total of €150,000 has been made available as prize money.

The German economy thrives on exports: Nothing is more important than speaking languages and understanding other cultures and becoming open to immigration, refugees, foreign customs and foreign religions in one’s own country, say the companies sponsoring the award. They want to support precisely this with their award.

Greta Samoskaité and Jonas Frombach (Clara-Viebig Secondary School Plus) were awarded €1,125 each, Marie Müller (Kurfürst-Balduin Secondary School Plus) €2,250, Anne Gödert (Vocational High School) and Sina Corzilius (Cusanus High School) €4,000 each. Katharina Lukas received the Best High School Diploma of the Peter-Wust High School and Best High School Diploma of the City of Wittlich awards of €5,500.

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