Mechanical defoliation of the grape zone

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Mechanical defoliation of the grape zone

Leaf removing is an important topic for most growers. Following questions are not uncommon:

  • When is the right time?
  • How much leaf removal is needed?
  • What influence does this process have on my grapes as well as vines?

This year there is enormous fungal growth due to the high rainfall. Good defoliation promotes ventilation and drying of the grapes, which can avoid the spread of several diseases.
We are finding the extreme opposite in California right now, where they are having temperatures beyond 40 degrees, thus very little or no defoliation is done.
Often the foliage wall is also left thicker to leave a canopy to protect the grapes. The intensity of defoliation can be adjusted by reducing the rotation of the roller. Long shoots reaching into the tramline can be shortened with the pre-cutting knife to get closer to the grape zone without the risk of pulling them into the rollers. In the case of heavy vegetation and a lack of leaf trimming in advance, this option can still be used for wonderful defoliation.

To ensure that no leaf residue leaves remain in the grape zone or vegetation, the fan wheel blows them out to the front of the row.

Leaf remover manufacturing

Our machines are exposed to the toughest conditions in practical use all over the world. Therefore, it is our highest demand to design the machines in such a way that they permanently withstand these stresses. Only through conscientious production, constant control and continuous technology optimization can we guarantee the consistency of our quality.
Gain an insight into our production facility and the assembly of our leaf remover here.

Production Leaf Remover


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