New over-the-row frame with overload protection

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New over-the-row frame with overload protection

Starting in June 2021 the new over-the-row frame with overload protection CC742.000000 will be available in our portfolio.

As a response to the increasing popularity of mechanical gras and weed removal, we have further developed and refined our over-the-row frame.

The new feature of the overload protection is especially helpful for users in very vast grounds. The external arm can be positioned in different working angles and swings back in case of collision. This way, the adjustable spring mechanism can protect the mechanical components from too much impact, which benefits not only the plant but also the machine. The interior arm is still rigid because of its proximity to the front tire and for better sight.

Further characteristics:

  • Tunnel adjustment optionally mechanic or hydraulic
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of 500 mm on exterior arm
  • Attachment options for MULTICLEAN Standard or MULTICLEAN XL

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