Hidden champion thanks to sustainable innovative strength

CLEMENS Technologies Hidden Champion

Hidden champion thanks to sustainable innovative strength

Continuous innovation combined with an ecological mindset in the development of new machine solutions pays off – CLEMENS Technologies was one of 146 companies in the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate to be named a “Hidden Champion”.

The study “Hidden Champions in Rhineland-Palatinate – Identification, Success Factors, Challenges” published by the Research Center for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aims to identify and classify the secret (world) market leaders in Rhineland-Palatinate and to determine their recipes for success and challenges.

The most important indicators of success were our strategic focus on international niche markets, motivated and qualified employees, customer proximity, continuous innovation activities, and agility and transformation capability. The classification as a “hidden champion” also acknowledged our willingness and our claim to see digitization and sustainability as an opportunity for forward-looking innovations.

We are proud of this award and are pleased that, as a medium-sized company in the mechanical engineering sector, we are able to contribute to employment and sales in the country while expressing our love for nature.

The study was sponsored by the Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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